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 :the documentary
12 - 06 - 2010

Actually in pre-production, the website gives you the opportunity to participate at the creation of David Lynch's documentary

You can now help financially this documentary and enjoy exclusives packages. Also you receive collector edition of t-shirt, bags,.... Help the Lynchtree project !

Website of Lynchtree project


Short movies and prints
06 - 07 - 2010

During june 27 at october 17 in the museum of Gravelines, you can see "Lythos 2007 - 2009, Estampes et courts métrages".

Download information about exposure here

It's in Musée du dessin et de l'estampe originale, au château Arsenal, 59820 Gravelines (north) you can see the works of David Lynch

You can see many prints (many are sell on the site itemedition) and the short movies six men getting sick, the alphabet and many more.
Here the site of the town :


Clip of Moby made by David Lynch
07 - 14 - 2009

World of David Lynch
10 - 02 - 2009

The old site "The black lodge" is rename "World of David Lynch :

More than a simple website, enter in the virtual world of Lynch. Fresh, dark, take time to see it !

P.S : if you're ready, put a step into the "red room".Good luck....


Cannes 2008  
04 - 21 - 2008

The poster of the 61st Festival de Cannes is a work by Pierre Collier to do a tribute to David Lynch and his work.
To create it, Pierre Collier use photos of David Lynch's works.

More information : Festival's site

Merry Christmas  
12 - 25 - 2006 wishes you a merry Christmas and a good year 2007.

A bonus (or gift)for you : you can see all trailers of movies. As well as the parodies, introduction of some series! Good visit.

Inland Empire : lot of news  
12 - 22 - 2006

Visit the official site of Inland Empire

You can find on it, the trailer and lot of news.

A new section on "Film section" for Inland Empire is open on

The movie is release now on screen !

Inland Empire come back  
04 - 20 - 2006

No official news but perhaps that the last film of Lynch will be presented at the Festival of Cannes. We hope !

While waiting you can see some photographs on the site of Lynchnet.

No the vidéos and sounds for the moment, but files are corrupted thus I will have to seek them on the Net. Still a little patience!

Happy new year  
06 - 01 - 2006 wishes you a happy new year! Yes since a certain time the site is not up date any more and it misses the files multimedia:
- the update will be done less regular because I have less time to work on the site
- For the files multimedia I will give them on line soon because I have some problems (other server, etc...)

Good visit