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Hotel room (1993)

Hotel room is a telefilm comprising 3 small medium-length films of fourty-five minutes each one. All occurs in the room 603 in an hotel... For each scenario one different time ago but only the same employees remain (insensitive ones with the effects of time? Thus Barry Gifford and Jay Mclnerney will write the scenarios, Asymetrical Production will produce the telefilm (house of production of David Lynch).

Lynch will carry out the first and and the third scenario, and James Signorelli will deal with the second.

First scenario (September 1969)

The history occurs in the hotel and more particularly in room 603, or Moe came with a prostitute to take a little later a little pleasure... Mais Lou, a friend of Moe, comes in the room. The 3 characters start to speak and Moe attacks the male prostitute (Darlenne), this one flees...

Moe and Lou continue to speak, and Lou benefits from it to put a wallet in the jacket of Moe. This one leaves while telling Moe does'nt remain a long time here.....Some seconds after the font arrives and finds the wallet with the identity paper of Lou but the photograph of Moe.

Second scenario (June 1992)
Sasha (Deborah Unger) arrives in its apartment, and receives a phone call of her friends (Tina and Diane) who are in the hall and ask to him whether they can go up. Then a great discussion begins about the future of Sasha.....Will she marry Robert? Each one emits her point of view.....then Robert comes...

Third episode (April 1936)
A significant power failure occurred in New York; a man (Danny) turns over in his room with food and finds his wife on the settee in the darkness with a hand on her eyes. The couple starts to discuss and it is noticed that the woman has a mental problem because of died of her son 2 years ago.
After the doctor invites to know if all occurs well... And the power failure stops, the couple looks at the city lighting!

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